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About Preparatory Department

ChSPU welcomes international students and the Preparatory Department for international students was established for them in 2015.

As far as education of international students consists of two stages in Russia, prior to the admission to the universities all international applicants should take a Russian language course. This course includes Conversational Russian and an introductory course of basic subjects delivered in Russian. The course of Conversational Russian is for the Beginners. During the 1st semester students study Phonetics, Grammar and Conversational Vocabulary.

The Introductory Course is offered for the Pre-Intermediate students who speak Russian but want to improve their language skills and master the language to be able to understand lectures in Russian. The course includes the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and some other subjects relevant to their future specialization.

After the Russian language course international students take entrance exams. If passed successfully, they are admitted to the University.

Taking into consideration that Russian educational standards differ from international ones, students can prolong their studies at the Preparatory Department. Thus international students can get accustomed to the Russian educational system.



The course is focused on the Russian language. The rest of the subjects offered, depends on the profile of training, which is determined by selected preparation profile. Today, department provides preparation in preparation profiles:

1. Natural Sciences

2. Humanities 

Useful links:

• Education in Russia for foreign citizens: http://www.russia.edu.ru/

• Levels of competence of the Russian language (requirements): http://www.russia.edu.ru/rus/levels/

• Trial testing the level of proficiency in Russian: http://www.russia.edu.ru/test/

• About nostrification documents: http://nic.gov.ru/


Address: Prospekt Isayeva 62. Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russian Federation.

Phone: +7 8712 224-753


Isabaeva Maryam  Head of the Preparatory department for international students